Chief Creative Officer, Founder

With a background in both action and motor sports, Zach brings an eye and style not usually seen in the outdoors.

After graduating film school, Zach worked as a freelance cinematographer and editor for a variety of brands, until joining a then brand new fishing apparel company called Huk. It was here that he eventually became the creative director for both Huk and Nomad as the fledgling ideas grew into international brands under his watchful eye. Together with Drew and Ally, Zach designed and executed content creation, campaign ideation, and brand design.

Zach’s background with film and video production brings a wealth of knowledge of both the technical and creative aspects of content creation. From television shows to social media content, he is well versed in the process and needs associated with content creation and direction.

“Craft is what we are expected to know; art is the unexpected use of our craft.”

— Ed Catmull


When not working, Zach can be found with a fly rod on the trout streams or on a mountain bike in his home of western North Carolina. He follows most forms of sportscar racing, baseball, and football.